Currently exhibiting works of Alyssa Sclafani.

Also, exhibiting works of Alex Maerbach. “dronescape series”

These abstractions are artifacts of an ongoing cyclical ritualistic relationship with the synthetic sound of the passage of time.

and exhibiting works of Rudolf Sechovec. Open to public during normal business hours and privately by appointment.

Rudolf Sechovec – The Rebel Artist

From an early age, Rudolf Sechovec has been exploring art through unconventional channels, exploring various mediums. His encouragement for art did not stem from familial support but rather an appetite for the unknown. His rebellious tendencies have crossed from childhood into adulthood effortlessly as he began to involve art in his political activism in the former communist Czechoslovakia. Rudolf was an avid adversary of unequal rights and restrictions of freedoms. Abstract art became his outlet and vehicle for disruption. Led by his intuition, he created works that would provide freedoms to the viewer, to liberate their minds of visual restrictions of academic norms.

Accept an invitation to join in rhythm, this rebellious energy and restless exploration of visual sensations.  



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R.S. Exhibition